Remembering Frank Orozco, AGIF Member, Founder of The Latino Learning Center and Co-founder of the AGIF Houston Lucian Adams Chapter

The American GI Forum mourns the passing of Long-time Forumeer, Frank Orozco. Mr. Orozco lost his long battle with cancer and died on Aug 15, 2013.

Orozco was one of the founders of the Latino Learning Center in Houston in October 1979 when it acquired as a gift a dilapidated 21,300 square foot building. Private donations funded building remodeling and educational programs were initiated in 1983. With a grant from the City of Houston additional renovations were completed in 1999. Annually an average of 450 adults receives training in the various vocational and educational programs.

In the Early 80’s Frank Orozco and John Aleman decided to revive the old Houston chapter that had all but disappeared. Frank and John met with the chapter’s last commander, Mr. Lefty Cavazos. He gladly referred them to Dr. Hector P. Garcia in Corpus Christi. Dr. Garcia was very excited that someone in Houston was taking action to revive the chapter.

So, the Two Veterans took over and started recruiting until they had the required amount of members. Then they formed the Chapter and decided to rename it the “Lucian Adams Chapter.” Lucian Adams was a War World II Congressional Medal of Honor recipient and lived in San Antonio.

Frank Orozco was a World War II Veteran and later was employed by the Veterans Administration where he retired after thirty years with the VA. dedicated his life as a public servant as a member of the American GI Forum, the League of United Latin American Citizens and many other community service organizations. He was preceded in death by his loving wife, Lily M. Orozco, who was also very active with Frank’s activities.