January 21, 2018


To: Board of Directors, Members, Friends

From: AGIF State Office

Subject: State Office Address Update


This is to inform you that the state office of the American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. has moved. The Office lease of Gil Rodriguez and Jim Cardle expired December 31, 2018 and no agreement was reached in negotiations to renew the lease. New locations are now at two separate offices.


The new AGIF location address is:  8833 Capitol View Drive, Austin, Texas 78747 which will become the official address for the State Office of the American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Please use this address to mail and submit all official correspondence including membership and Charter renewal dues and all other assessments.


All expenses to the AGIF-TX, i.e., rent, telephone, internet, and all costs pertaining to the office remain the same at no costs. Office supplies and maintenance will also be at the same appropriate expense levels as before.


We will be sending a notice of the upcoming February Mid-Year Conference in Del Rio on February 21-23 plus more information on the move within the next few days. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email. Please watch our website for State and National Update at .