2021 American GI Forum National Conference


We counted down the seconds for 2020 to end so we could start a new year fresh and with a better sense of normalcy. Now, however, we are well into 2021, and things have not changed all that much. We still face the reality of in-person events being delayed or cancelled, but we are tired of  boring hybrid events and we know that this makes this conference more challenging for attendees while sponsors continue to need more connection points and return on their sponsorship investments. This is why this 2021 Conference has to be in-person and successful. It is up to us to help make this a success by attending and participating.


The 2021 National Conference is currently set to start Wednesday, August 11 and end on Saturday August 14. The situation regarding the pandemic could be significantly improved by then, but that is not a certainty. Please remember that the2020 conference was postponed and not cancelled so even though we renegotiated with the Hotel we did have a contract that should be honored.


The leadership of AGIF Texas considered that this conference will be able to be safely held during August or mid-summer 2021. We however, welcome your input to help guide us with attendance to our safely scheduled events that we want to include full assemblies, meetings and sit-down luncheons, receptions and banquets.


Over the next few weeks, months, we will keep you updated with a series of emails providing an in-depth look at changes on events scheduled for this year's conference. You will also be able to see a tentative Itinerary and agenda that will post any changes on the AGIFTX Website. Registration is set to open March 1. Registrations to the Hotel are now available on site. Our website should be in operations soon and more information readily available