2016-17 National Forum Executive Board Officers

National Forum Executive Board Officers

Mr. Ángel Zúñiga, National Commander – Corpus Christ, Texas
Mr. Michael Fay,  National Vice Commander – Detroit, Michigan
Mr. Russell LopezNational Secretary - Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Mr. Ernesto Montoya, National Treasurer – Pueblo, Colorado
Mr. Jesse Aguilera, National Sgt-at-Arms – Fort Worth, Texas 
Mr. Luis Vazquez Contes, Past National Commander – Pueblo, Colorado


National Women’s Forum Executive Board Officers

Ms. Felicita Lugo, National Chairwoman – Detroit, MI
Ms.  Debbie Salazar, National Vice Chairwoman – Denver, CO
Mrs. Kathy Clenin, National Women's Secretary –  Denver, CO
Mrs. Jeanie Aleman, National Women's Treasurer - Houston, TX
Mrs. Alicia Rodriguez, Past National Chairwoman – Ulysses, KS


National Youth Forum Executive Board Member

Ms. Jasmine Vigil, National Youth Chair – Detroit, Michigan



2016 National Conference, Kansas City, MO

The American GI Forum of the U.S. National Conference, held in Kansas City Missouri on July 27-30, 2016, has concluded after National AGIF business including, seminars, workshops and HEF and NVOP meetings took place over the 3-day event. 

Our thanks to the Ulysess Kansas, headed by Conference Chair Barbara Olivas and assisted by the State Commander Jose Olivas, with able help from Kansas chapters and state and national committee members. The 3-day event begin on Thursday, July 27, 2016 with the Annual Meetings of the Hispanic Education Foundation (HEF), the National Veterans Outreach Program (NVOP).

Among the the most important part of any conference is the election of our new officers, who will lead the organization for the next entire year. AGIF-US is proud to be able to share photos of the 2016-17 elected Executive Board.

Officers may be contacted through the National Office at:

AGIF National Office
635 W. Corona Avenue, Suite 114
Pueblo, CO 81004
Office Phone: 719-299-4838
For any further assistance contact AGIF National Treasurer:
Ernesto L. Montoya at: 719-201-0912
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.